Cat peed on my bed with me in it

It is so fun to watch her have a fun time! Can’t really comment on the last delivery as I don’t have it yet. The first cat bed is good quality and the small cats like it. At first our cat wouldn’t even go in the mouse which was on the floor. I decided to put it on top of a blanket chest.

Now she regularly goes in for her afternoon nap. I have reached in to pet her and find that she is toasty warm. She’s good for a two hour nap in it! She must feel safe and sound inside it. I heartily recommend it for an indoor cat. My cat just loves it! First the male played , like he was toying with a giant mouse.

He moved it all over, then settled in to rest. They are quite happy with their summer home. My Grandkitty goes wild with this . He is a latch key kitty and plays all day by himself with his new house and toy. He entertains himself and seems to never tire of his favorite new distraction. Great toy for the cats. First day, one of our cats tore the eyeball hanging over one of the eyeholes.

Then the next morning, two of my cats where laying on the top of it. I fluff it up all the time, but I really like it. Misty takes her morning nap in the mouse house. They tore the eyeballs off right away. Lol They like to sleep in it. Woodeaock dearly loves her mouse house! It took a couple of days for her to get in it.

I bought this as a birthday gift for two very good friends of mine, who have adopted many cats. It’s a lovely item, they will love it their cats will love it and I wish I had cats to have one. My cats love this mouse house! It’s much better quality than I expected! I didnt like how long it took to ship and actually receive the mouse and shark beds. Overall my cats love them!

My Siamese is too large for the mouse bed and would not go in it. So I gave it to my Grandaughter’s runt-of-the-litter cat. She uses it to hide from the dog or company. I bought this for my mother’s cat. Mom said that I probably wasted my money for Ruthie would never use it. Well when I opened it and put it down for her she crawled right in turned around later down and took a nap.

My mom was surprised that she liked it so well. Now mom takes it at night when its bed time and puts it on the bed so Ruthie has someplace safe to sleep. And in the morning it goes back on Ruthie’s favorite chair. Mom now knows where to find her all the time. All 4 of my cats enjoy laying on it and in it. Phoebe loves her mouse bed. My cat is too big! This item came and it is great. My kitties absolutely love the mouse house! When comes out of it, the other goes in. It took soooo long to come! I was starting to get discouragedTHENITS HERE FINALLY! Makes it worth the wait. Ohours doesn’t have the balls hanging in the eyes because my big cat likes to destroy his toys. My picture is my big boy coming out.

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