Cat spraying video

Edward Griffin to combine their expertise and research to put an end to the debate about chemtrails. The world premiere of What In The World Are They Spraying? Atlanta, Georgia on October 23, 2010. This is the first-ever full length documentary about chemtrails. Enjoy the last few decades of the Age of Humanity. No way the planet can sustain us and it is too late to stem the tide. The background music in this documentary is distracting and irritating.

I am following this since 2007 I noticed without looking for conspiracies over the web that is something wrong wit a air traffic. I even tell to my wife day before look up to the sky it is going to be a muggy foggy sky, because I expect to see airplane trails dispersed into the stratosphere. Ask yourself ONE question and it is an simple one. When is the last time YOU look at the sky and see a CLEAR SKY 3-5 days in a row? This documentary is an answer to that question. 3-5 days in a row?

CLEAR SKY 3-5 days in a row? Most of that I would consider coincidental. One of the things that has happened relatively lately is the reorganization from airway corridors to a system were the pilots themselves make their own routes. What that actually means is that instead of routing all planes along certain corridors in the air, pilots themselves can choose how to get to their destination, by factoring in such things as wind and weather into their routes. That’s why you’ll often see a lot of planes overhead for a short period of time, before a storm etc. This saves the airlines fuel in the order of millions of gallons each year.

The reason they hadn’t done this before was the amount of data, and raw computing power, needed to follow all the planes in the world in real time from the Air Traffic Controls. There are still some air corridors in use, but mostly over cities and similar. What evidence do you have that this is a fantasy? Noah’s Ark, One World Government with the usual a anti-semitic under current. Exactly, because to think there is a conspiracy about chemtrails is ignorant. When you look into the sky and see chem-trails what you actually see are clouds and con-trials. The first is a natural phenomena whilst the second is nothing more than condensed water vapor resulting from the passage of planes in the atmosphere.

There is no evidence to support chem-trails, because they are a fantasy. You are the only one showing evidence of intellectual inadequacy buddy. To whom is your rather patronising comment addressed? Did you know about the 39 years during experiment in Great Britain during the cold war were they sprayed their civilians from airplanes. I think somebody who is paranois about wrong things in this world is more dedicated to make it better than people who are ignorant. 9-11 watch this, here you have your evidence from a few hundred Ph’d in enginering etc. Well, the evidence that I see is going on over my head almost on a daily basis.

Yesterday they were trying to see how many white X’s they could make. I am not some nut-job — I’m just somebody that would like to sit in my garden with my coffee and not have to look at this crap that they are spraying. I worry about all of the people that work outdoors. I worry about all of the kids playing outside. This is VERY REAL people! If you haven’t seen it, thank your lucky stars.

If you still want to remain ignorant, oh well. Contrails are not ice crystals they are condensed water vapour or clouds from aircraft flying at high levels. Some stay longer then others do to weather conditions. They are simply something made up by paranoid people without that proper knowledge on the subject. Oh I’m an airline pilot so I do have a basic knowledge of weather. Though you try to come across as an intellectual, you don’t even know the true characteristics of con-trails and still blindly claim these clouds are such. Two major factors about con-trails is that they can not occur at low altitudes, and they don’t persist for longer then a few minutes at the most. As so many of these claimed chem-trails do. I think this video has some reasonable evidence and potential theories about why.

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