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Hand-embroidered pillows, dish towels, glasses, and more. We’d love to have ya! Do you struggle with your putting? New weighted grip technology provides golf’s FIRST answer for the yips.

Have you ever had trouble making a two-foot putt? Have you tried EVERYTHING, but nothing has worked? FIRST answer for the yips. With the FLAT CAT Solution’s patented stainless steel weighted cone, optimally positioned directly BELOW the hands, the feeling of a heavier putter head is created, without losing any feel in your stroke. When you now make a stroke with ANY putter, it is automatically transformed just by switching to the FLAT CAT Solution. You will feel the difference immediately!

Top golfers around the globe use putters that are heavier than the one you use. They do it to smooth out their stroke. Now you can do it with your favorite putter for a fraction of the cost just by changing your putter grip to the FLAT CAT Solution! The FLAT CAT Solution by Lamkin instantly gives you and every golfer a smoother, more consistent, pendulum-like stroke, automatically! The technology built into the FLAT CAT Solution is unlike anything else available to the golfing public. It makes EVERY golfer’s putting stroke smoother and more consistent, enabling you to hole more putts. And you can do it without changing your putter, your grip style, or your stroke.

Purchase your FLAT CAT Solution TODAY to instantly transform your putting stroke and lower your scores! The best putters in the world don’t force the putter back and through, rather, they allow the putter head to swing freely. But golfers who struggle with their stroke on the greens try to control and manipulate the putter head. The weighted technology built into FLAT CAT Solution creates a stable, pendulum-like feel without adding weight to the putter head itself. Weighting the putter head can make it more difficult to consistently control distance. We utilize our patented, easy-glide cone to position the weight directly below the golfer’s hands, causing the putter head to feel heavier without sacrificing feel. This instantly creates a smoother, yip-free stroke.

Increase your confidence in sinking putts! It raised my confidence level. It was an immediate difference! View more testimonials from golfers just like you. There has never been anything introduced to the putting world that will have a more profound effect on golfers who struggle on the greens than the revolutionary new FLAT CAT Solution by Lamkin! Purchase your FLAT CAT Solution TODAY to instantly, transform your putting stroke and lower your scores!

Hank Haney, delivered right to your inbox! 3 putts and lower your scores! Standard AVI format and also MP4V, FLV and 3GP file formats. PC conversion is 5x faster than the video clip playback time. Anyone may install and use it free of charge. We do not provide support for this application. Please forward this error screen to 50.

Fence outdoor cat enclosures are currently making over 35,000 cats happy, healthy and safe outdoors. We presently offer two types of cat enclosures to cat-proof your yard. The keys to both are the heavy-duty flexible mesh fence, and the patented pivoting fence extender arms. If a cat somehow makes it to the top of the fence, the horizontal component of the arm swings in a downward direction, returning your cat safely to the ground. Once the cat’s weight is released from the mesh, the spring-loaded extenders immediately return the upper section of the fence to its horizontal position. Free-Standing cat enclosures offer a ground-up fence system specifically designed to contain even the most agile cats. These not only use spring action to repel climbing cats, but are configured so our outdoor cat enclosures can meet 6′ height ordinances. The fence can be set as high as 7′ but the shape of the arms allow it to be effective at 6′. The extremely strong yet flexible poly mesh grid makes climbing very difficult. The cat’s weight causes these horizontal extension arms to swing downward, safely returning your pet to the ground. 4′ high require an upgrade option that raises the arms. The high strength mesh material is stretched between the pivoting fence extensions and attached with the included zip ties.

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