Cat wee on floor

Sometimes kitten behavior, such as suckling and kneading, continues into adulthood. Provide your cat with something safe of his own towards which he can direct this behavior. If the cat decides to use you or your clothing for this activity, simply let him know you disapprove. A sudden, sharp shout or loud noise is usually sufficient. Provide your cat with acceptable ways to expend her energy and act out her predatory behavior. If it’s the cat nocturnal activities that annoy you, then train your cat to shift her active phase to earlier in the evening.

If you do not provide the cat with some kind of daytime activity, she will spend the day asleep. Instead of letting kitty doze all evening while you are watching television, turn off the tube and play with your cat. If you tire her out early in the evening, chances are more likely that she will sleep all night. If kitty still insists on playing at night, provide her with activities that will not disturb you. Provide your cat with plenty of soft toys. Cats will also caterwaul, display frenzied behavior and spray urine for another reason.

Your female cat may be in heat. Your unneutered male cat may be responding to neighborhood female cats in heat. The solution: get your cat spayed or neutered. Spaying is a surgical procedure that entails the removal of the ovaries and uterus. Because of the cat’s unique sexual physiology, they usually become pregnant each time they mate. Many cats get pregnant without their owner even realizing that they have been in heat to begin with.

In fact, some cats come into heat and get pregnant on the same night! In addition, spaying removes the annoying behaviors that are characteristic of being in heat. Consequently, the heat period may wax and wane for several weeks. During this time, she will often go off her food and become hyperactive. She may stop using her litterbox. In the evenings, she will caterwaul for males. A number of males will attempt to respond to this open invitation by replying in person.

A courting tomcat will serenade kitty all night long, pausing only to spray urine everywhere and fight with other toms. Meanwhile, the confined female will generally work herself into a frenzy. Your cat should be spayed as soon as she is six months old. She does not need to go through one heat period. She should be spayed before her first heat. You and your cat will be much happier if you spare her the frustration and nuisance of going through a heat period. A spayed cat will tend to eat a little more and be slightly less active.

However, this is no reason for the cat to become fat and lazy. Remember, you’re in control of the food. If your cat becomes overweight it is because she is fed too much and no one bothers to exercise or play with her. Castration is a simple surgical procedure that entails the removal of the cat’s testes. Castration eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer and reduces the likelihood of prostatic and other reproductive problems. Following castration, there is a rapid decline in the incidence of roaming, aggression, fighting and spraying in most cats. The earlier the cat is castrated, the more likely these behaviors will be eliminated.

If you wait too long, sometimes, these behaviors will have already become ingrained as habits. Recommend Share with friends ! No portion of this site may be used or reproduced in any format. Want to learn to throw a perfect spiral or how to hit a curve ball? How can help you cover the basics of basketball, tennis and any other of your favorite sports. You will receive a confirmation email shortly. Is DIY in your DNA? Become part of our maker community. Cat keeping you up all night? Train your cat to switch his schedule from nocturnal to the day shift. Why does my cat want to play at night? It is normal for them to be active at night. If you find this annoying, rather than punish your cat for following her natural activity schedule, train her to shift her active phase to earlier in the evening or later in the morning.

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