Male cat smells like urine

Video: Do Cats Dream — And If So, What Do They Dream About? It’s National Feral Cat Day! Is Your Facebook Timeline Full of Cats? Healthy, clean cats and dogs should not smell bad. A medical condition, often involving an infection with bacteria, usually causes a persistently strong smell emanating from a pet. Skin problems are among the most common. Cats may suffer skin infections with yeast or bacteria that can lead to an unpleasant odor and are often accompanied by hair loss, itching, or visibly red and inflamed skin.

Cats who are unable to groom themselves because of old age or obesity may soil or contaminate the skin with urine, feces, or debris and thus smell bad. These problems are most common in cats that are not able to groom themselves. This overweight cat finds it hard to groom herself, so she may become stinky. The syndrome is characterized by teeth that become infected with bacteria, which smell bad and cause bad breath. Since cats groom themselves with their mouths, the odor can be spread all over the hair and skin. Other sorts of infections also may cause the sort of odor that you describe.

Some other conditions that aren’t related to bacteria or yeast also may cause a cat bad smells. Karyn, you should start by looking for obvious problems. Lift your cat’s tail and look underneath it for contamination with feces or urine. Check to make sure your cat’s coat doesn’t contain mats that are wet and stinky. If you can’t find anything, then a veterinary examination and possibly blood and urine tests are in order. Most of the conditions I have mentioned cause more than just a bad odor, and your cat may have a serious medical condition that needs to be treated.

However, be aware that over the course of my career I have seen several instances where an owner’s perception that his or her cat smelled bad was, in fact, just that. People with heightened senses of smell sometimes begin to think their pets have developed an odor, when in fact nothing is wrong. Would You Donate Your Cat’s Body to a Vet Education Program? A sick older cat lying down and resting. Get Catster in Your Inbox! Get tips and exclusive deals.

It’s enough to affect quality of sleep and smell. After you’ve gotten me up at 5 a. From the Daily News: N. Meow the hard work begins. After years of complaints about a singularly awful scent hanging around Wilmington, N. 117,000 aren’t imagining the smell of feline secretions.

I know that the catty odors have impacted downtown from time to time, and in my personal experience, the odor seems to vary. Sometimes it smells like pure cat urine to me, and sometimes it smells similar but different,» said Newland. The stench looming around the birthplace of President Woodrow Wilson, Andy Griffith and tennis all-star Althea Gibson has grown so overwhelming that locals can’t even get a purrfect night’s rest. It’s enough to affect quality of sleep and smell,» said resident Pamela Waite. The Division of Air Quality initially thought they had located the nailed source of the litterbox-like emanations, suspecting a local manufacturer of a heat-resistant polymer, only to realize they were fur from the truth. The website is called Breaded Cats and simply features pictures sent in by pet owners of their cute cats with their heads through slices of bread.

Initially, Fortron Industries was the sole suspect of the odors as its emissions are associated with the ‘male cat pee’ odor. However, based on observations made in the community and inquiries with several industries, it is now believed that the odors could have come from a combination of sources. For now, the state is just asking that residents keep contacting them. Said Newland, «If you’re experiencing odors, we need to be notified in a timely manner because it’s difficult to go back in time and ascertain how bad it was and what the cause may have been. In other words, «hang in there, kitten. Get Daily News stories, delivered to your inbox. Daily News in real time? Sign up now to start receiving breaking news alerts on your desktop. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA? Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

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