My urine smells really strong

Fresh Cab all-natural Rodent Repellent. There are many smells that will naturally repel mice. They dislike any odor with a very strong ammonia or chemical smell. The key to using strong smelling items to repel mice is to put them in the locations where they are entering your home. If you already have mice living inside your home, then this method will not be strong enough to get them to leave. It works very effectively however in preventing mice and rodents from entering your home. Here are some common household products that you can use to prevent mice from taking up residence in your home.

I have had excellent success deterring mice in my kitchen where I happened to store some mothballs. I had a terrible problem when I first moved into my house here on the farm. I set about buying lots of traps, which had always worked for me in the past. And it worked again, I was catching lots of mice, but more kept coming. I kept checking the traps, but they were empty. It finally dawned on me, it was the mothballs that were keeping the mice out of my house. But the moth balls worked as a fantastic mouse deterrent.

For this to work as a long term strategy you will need to replace the mothballs every 3-6 months. Moth balls are toxic, so if you are at all concerned that a curious child or pet would try to eat them, consider another option for areas where they may explore. After all, the safety of your family should be your number one concern. But if you have mice in your attic or basement that are largely unoccupied, storing moth balls in these areas can be an effective solution. Look for the old fashioned moth balls in your local hardware store. Some stores will still carry them in the pest control area. I had a little trouble finding them at first since not all stores carry them.

These are the basic ones that come in a box that I had used. This makes it even easier to use to repel mice. The plastic has ventilation holes which allow the scent carry through the infested area. This is such a great idea since you don’t have to make your own container. They come six to a pack which is perfect to get rid of mice in the average sized home. Ammonia is another smell that can send mice running in the other direction.

The reason ammonia works so well is the mouse interprets this smell as the predator’s urine. They are not as likely to enter areas that their predators frequent. You can use ammonia in a similar way as the mothballs. Place a small amount in a glass or jar near the places a mouse is coming or going. I personally do not use this method since it I don’t want it to accidentally spill or get knocked over. So an open container of anything in the back of my closet is eventually going to get knocked over.

It is also not safe to leave it unattended in homes with pets or children. However, I do use ammonia to clean areas where mice have been living. Ammonia is very effective in removing stains and smells after mice have been habituating in an area. I have found it is one of the best ways to clean mouse droppings. And the fact that any residue left over repels mice is a bonus. When you are cleaning with ammonia please do take precautions.

Mixing Bleach and Ammonia — About. Since they can be laid flat or squeezed into small spaces, they are a flexible solution. I use them all the time in the bottom of my trash can to keep it fresh. It is so widely used, we dedicated an entire article to it. Using Peppermint Oil as a Natural Mouse Repellent. There are also quite a few products on the market that have packaged solutions to keep the mice away. Another great reason to use a commercially designed product to deter or repel mice is you don’t have to figure out how much to use or how often to refresh the mouse repellent of your choice. Commercially available products go through rigorous testing procedures and have specific instructions for you to follow to get the best results. Fresh Cab is a mouse repelling product made by Earthkind. The scent is strong, but nice.

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